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Young Crazy Continues To Prove Why He’s The GOAT With “Crazo DAMN” Mixtape Release

Five years ago Young Crazy released his popular song “Get Dumb” and since then has achieved many accomplishments over his rap career. From becoming one of the biggest faces of hip hop for this generation to come out of Virginia to using his platform to help push the Virginia music scene forward by motivating others in a way that only he can, Young Crazy has certainly proven that he is more than just another VA artist, he is an icon who is making strides to becoming a legend of Virginia.

On January 10, (1/10, isn’t that cute?) Young Crazy has released his highly anticipated project “Crazo DAMN”. On this project rapper showcases his evolving mindset as well as his truly unique style of motivating listeners to pretty much stop participating in foolish activity and worry about getting money and taking care of business. The tape features production by other VA greats such as ReadyRockJames and Kino Beats as well as some pretty impressive features ranging from the emcees friend and label mate Bandhunta Izzy to nationally known rapper 21 Savage. Staying true to his sound but showcasing the mindset of a more mature and experienced rapper, “Crazo DAMN” is sure to please old and new fans alike.

Be sure to catch Young Crazy perform songs off the project at Young Crazy and Friends Part 2 at Shakas in VA Beach on Jan 14. (Tickets available at

Check out the project here!

Exclusive Release: OmarTheGroove Releases “Deelishis” Visual

Over the summer, OmarTheGroove released his catchy hit “Deelishis” payinbg homage to beautiful backsides everywhere. Today, the artist has released a visual to accompany the track.

Over the summer OmarTheGroove has been building a name for himself. In addition to releasing music, the young emcee has participated in the Va Got Now “Vibe Out” event this summer. Most recently, Omar has released a visual for his track “Deelishis”. The visual is shot and directed by Capn SWIM and features lots of trippy edits and scenes of Omar around the city rapping along to the bouncy track.

Check out the OMARtheGroove visual for “Deelishis: exclusively here!

Listen: d-pow Releases “Bag On My Hip” and Surprises Fans

Although he may not be the most vocal person or most known to frequently release music, d-pow (aka 1 pump) is the kind of artist that when he does speak, everyone listens.

From performing at iPMs “But Is It Loud” event to rocking the stage on Virginia Got Nows “eleVAte” tour, it has been a busy past couple of months for d-pow. The Virginia Beach rapper who is widely known for his song “Backwoods” dropped a new track today entitled “Bag On My Hip”. The song is produced by PedroFlexin and has been doing numbers on social media upon its release.

Check out d-pows “Bag On My Hip” here!

Stevie Fooley Tells An Engaging Hood Narrative With “Fooleys Perspecive”

Coming from Newport News, Virginia, Stevie Fooley is an artist who is integrating elements of soul into his hip hop sounds, creating a product that is truly one of a kind. On his new project “Fooleys Perspective”, he gives listeners a back story on who he is as a person and an artist by telling an engaging, descriptive narrative on what it is like to grow up in Newport News Virginia.

On the three song EP, Fooley displays a different style of rapping on each song. The project, which is sure to keep listeners thoroughly engaged from beginning to end, is very diverse and uses elements such as recorded speeches about life in the hood to further emphasize the theme of the project. On the projects last song “Locked Doors” the Fooley joins forces with artists BD and Lacree for a soul-infused, dreamy effect that contrasts with the songs more intense message.

“Fooleys Perspective” is easily one of the best projects to come out of the 757 this year. Check out the EP here!

Bending Genres & Breaking Stereotypes: How VAs R. Locko Is Reinventing Hip Hop With His “Wheres The Color” EP

In hip hop, there seems to be a gap between the groups of fans. On one hand you have the fans of the more lyrical style of rap that is produced by thought provoking artists such as J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar. Then on the other hand, you have individuals who prefer the more hype, high energy, beat heavy “yuh, aye” style of hip hop that has become popular in more recent times. Artists who can produce content that can appeal to both masses are few and far between, however, with his latest release “Where’s The Color”, R. Locko proves that he is a genre bending artist whose style is versatile enough to cater to any audience.

Over the past year, R. Locko has been taking tremendous strides toward earning the title of one of Virginias most progressive and versatile artists. Over the summer he released his motivational single “Do Something!” , participated in the No Options showcase alongside rappers like Wolf Hampton, Young Yung and lablemate K Kel and released his Left$iiide Lion EP. R. Locko also participated in the All Eyes On Va Cypher in which he shows himself to be one of the most versatile and lyrical young rappers of the 757.


Most recently, R. Locko has released a five track EP entitled “Where’s The Color”. On this project, he provides example after example of versatility, lyricism and impactful delivery. The project contains the high energy sound that has become popular recently by artists such as Playboy Carti and Lil Uzi while providing the lyrical content and subject matter that classic hip hop fans love. The project is produced by FREEDIESEL and shows R Lockos delivery of punchlines, story telling capabilities as well as his ability to captivate listeners with his subject matter of consciousness, self realization, and self awareness.

While simultaneously breaking every stereotype one could think about the emcees of today and bridging the gap of “lit” and conscious, R Locko is showing signs of being a breakthrough artist who redefines the Virginia hip hop scene. Check out his “Where’s The Color” EP Here!

New Release: R. Locko releases “Leftsiiide Lion EP” 

R Locko is a genre bending artist who is proving that this generation isn’t completely lost when it comes to knowing what real hip hop and lyricism is. The young emcee caused such a buzz with the release of his song “Game Over” earlier this week. Keeping that same energy flowing, he is now releasing his self titled EP, “Leftsiiide Lion”. 

The 8 track project is a defining piece of work for Locko and takes listeners into the mind of the young artist. The project features work by producers such as Lonnell Suave, Kreative Kid, Killer Bee, Ron Burgandy, Rallllzy, Labstrak and Bradley Rivas as well as features by artists RNGR, MILL$UPREME, AUD, KJTheGawd, Kris Stasse and Breezo. 

Check out R Locko “Leftsiiide Lion EP” here.

Listen: Davy Wreck “Garrett’s Revenge” Remix

Hi guys,

So as you know (or maybe you don’t), Xxxtentacion is one of my favorite rappers.

He was supposed to come to my city on tour this week but due to the fact that his cousin was shot, X cancelled the tour in an effort to keep his mental health in order. I was going to release this song the day of the concert but seeing that the concert is no longer a thing, what better time to share this song with you guys than now.

In honor of Xxxtentacion canceling his highly anticipated “Revenge” tour, I’d like to present this remix of his popular song “Garrett’s Revenge” done by none other than DJ Davy Wreck (@davywreck)

Hope you guys enjoy!