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MCMXCIXDEAD Re-Introduces Himself To Fans on New Single “Fade Away”

MCMXCIXDEAD is one of those artists who could be considered a hidden gem of the underground. Although his work may not be broadcasted all over social media and he seems to be a little under the radar, this artist is on his way to becoming one of the more solid voices in underground rap to come out of the Virginia area.

The artist has recently dropped a new single entitled “Fade Away”. The dreamy track features the artist telling his thoughts on his musical journey and rise to success. On this track the artist showcases his staple sound, a “sing-songy” style of rap which might remind listeners of a combination between Lil Uzi and Travis Scott. In addition to writing and performing the track, the artist produced the track himself as well.

Check out “Fade Away” here!

R&B Sensation Von Sensei Kicks Of 2018 Right With “Magic” Release

Vonsensei was definitely an artist who had an eventful year in 2017. From releasing his artsy “Henny” music video to doing countless performances around Virginia, Vonsensei definitely made a name for himself as one of Virginia’s most talented R&B artists.

With a simple yet captivating sound and a serene vibe that is portrayed all throughout the artists aura as well as his music, the young artist has brought in 2018 with the release of his new song “Magic”. With this feelgood track, Vonsensei really captivates the essence of what it really means to be head over heels in love. The song is produced by Andre Palace and like most songs the two have collaborated on, the result is sure to leave listeners pleased.

Check out Vonsensei “Magic” here!

Listen: KKel – Kill Kell 

Finishing off the summer on a strong note, Va Beach based rapper KKel has released his first mixtape “Kill Kell”. From performing at the “No Options” showcase to releasing his single “Yikes” (featured here) It has been a pretty eventful summer for the young emcee. (Check out his performance of “Yikes” at No Options below.)


On his newest project, “Kill Kell” KKel makes quite the statement by making an introduction to new listeners as well as keeping the same energy that current fans have come to love. The 13 track project includes features by R. Locko, 10 cellphones, Free Deisel, and BoofPakKujo as well as production by up and coming engineers such Ca$hFlow, Sora, and Kreative Kidd to name a few.

With it’s energetic vibes, diversity and array of features and production from up and coming artists as well as producers, “Kill Kell” is an excellent project that ends the summer on an upbeat note.

Check out KKel “Kill Kell” here!

Listen: GFL Nero “Lame Chick”

With the sensationalism that saturates todays hip hop, there are few artists who really keep it real. GFL Nero just happens to be one of those select few. With his raw verses, unique flow and interesting subject matter GFL Nero is an artist who is staying true to hip hops unfiltered nature.

With his newest song “Lame Chick”, GFL Nero (@gflnero) along side featured rappers Floyd Mikeal (@floyd_mikeal) and GFL Duct (@ductgfl),  gives the listeners his criteria for a female that he just can’t be with. In this song we also hear of GFL Neros feelings toward a female who he feels he could have upgraded but she “let a lame hit” (womp womp). The song is produced by Awali and is a reminder to females everywhere to not be a “lame chick”.

Check out “Lame Chick” by GFL Nero here!


Listen: DAYFVE “Moves” (Prod. By NOLUCK)

DAYFVE is back again dropping yet another banger just in time for summer. The unique artist who has brought us songs such as “Cash” and “For My Dog$” is here again with his lively new single “Moves”.

The song is a pretty upbeat yet relaxed track that tells of the artists desire to stay on the move, keep away from untrustworthy females and friends and invest in himself. The song is produced by NOLUCK and has a pretty upbeat sound and is sure to be a hit this summer.

Check out DAYFVE “Moves” here!

Chrissys Summer 2017 Playlist


Hi guys!

So in honor of summer 2017 I’ve put together a playlist of some songs that I’m enjoying the most right now and that I feel pretty much embody my vibe for summer 2017. Being that I am a very diverse person whose music taste varies, the playlist is pretty diverse and features something for everyone. All of the artists featured on my playlist are local (Virginia) artists or underground artists who I enjoy and want all of you to know about! I hope you guys enjoy!


PS: If you havent already, check out my “Summer 2017 Playlist” video here!


Summer 2017 Playlist















Listen: HighDefRazjah x A$AP Ferg “Nia Long” 

Suffolk producer HighDefRazjah is really showing no signs of slowing down this summer. Just last week he released a banger with Norfolk rapper Young Crazy and today his work has been featured on yet another banger, this time with rapper A$AP Ferg. 

The song is called “Nia Long” and was dropped completely on a whim, taking fans completely by surprise. Since being released, the song has received a lot of buzz from both fans and blogs alike. Even Nia Long herself showed her appreciation for the song on her Twitter account by posting “thank you for the love @ASAPFerg” and sharing the link to the song. 

See what all of the buzz is about and check out HighDefRazjah x A$AP Ferg “Nia Long” here!