IMG_3334Here to make you laugh, make you think and spill some tea, Christian LaVonne, (the YouTuber/Blogger known as Chrissy or HeyMissChrissy) is coming to you live straight out of the 757. With her talent for writing, entertaining videos, ever growing social media presence, and raw, unique personality this young up and coming blogger is ready to turn the blog scene upside down.

A Norfolk native, Chrissy began her YouTube channel at the age of 19 after becoming popular on Twitter and Snapchat for her outspoken rants and illustrious stories. Always having an interest in writing, performing and public speaking, from an early age, Chrissy knew that her future would include entertaining and informing masses of people. Beginning in the 4th grade, Chrissy was a member of a group called “the Literary Club” where she discovered her talent for writing and public speaking. She began writing poetry, editorials and journal entries in her spare time throughout middle school and in high school, thanks to her mother, teachers and other mentors, she was able to further groom her talent for both writing and public speaking. It was in college where Chrissy was able to turn her art form into the brand that is seen today. Starting her channel on the proverbial “wing and a prayer”, Chrissy has been able to turn what was once a hobby into a progressing brand that she hopes to one day turn into a full scale business.

Chrissy’s plans for the future include pursuing a degree in mass communications, becoming a radio personality, expanding her YouTube channel and catering to a larger audience, starting her own clothing line, as well as being a freelance blogger and host, being booked to host different events across the country. Having dealt in her past with being bullied which turned into a constant struggle with anxiety and depression, Chrissy also hopes to one day become the director of he own nonprofit organization designed to mentor teens who are dealing with being bullied, anxiety, depression and other emotional disorders.

With her unfiltered personality, her unique perspective and her unwavering social media presence, this young powerhouse is ready to take the blogging world by storm and is taking tremendous strides toward doing just that.

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